Cara Lai Miles

Hiring Delia Arendt was the best decision we’ve made for our flat hunt. After searching (and applying) unsuccessfully for months with the help of a relocation service my husband’s employer hired for us, we hired Delia Arendt on a Monday. On Tuesday we had a detailed conversation to discuss our requirements, on Wednesday we had a viewing and put in an application straightaway, on Thursday our application got accepted and by Friday we had the contract. And all this for a 4 room flat, which are notoriously hard to get here – with the cherry on top being that it’s quite a bit under our budget as well. Of course there was an element of luck, and I have no doubt even the brilliant Delia can’t normally make it happen this fast, but she listened to our needs and wants (a stark contrast to our other relocation consultant who told us repeatedly we’d never get a 4 room apartment and should just settle for 3 rooms, and kept sending us flats with features that didn’t meet our specifications, in areas we were not interested in), found a property that ticked all our boxes, gave us invaluable advice, and then convinced the landlords that we were the ideal tenants for their property. The last bit is worth gold – our other consultant didn’t do anything of the sort and our applications kept getting rejected. I’d only heard negative things about relocation consultants until I read reviews of Delia, so she is definitely a rare find.


Bartlomiej Bronski, Battery Management System Ingeneer

Before relocating to Munich area with my family I’ve been warned from multiple sources that housing market is crazy here, the competition is high and finding apartment/house reminds rather casting/job application than regular business relation between landlord and tenant. It all turned out to be true and more. Finding a place to live in Munich area is something different! But with Delia, we not only made it, but also were able to meet pretty high expectations while keeping the price on a fair level. And all this (apart from visiting properties and final hand over – which requires physical presence) handled remotely, which was very important for us. Apart from Delia’s professional skills (which are top notch) she is really kind, positive, easy going person and good companion for conversation. You really feel represented throughout the process. She fights for her customers, asks right questions, gives helpful advices, pays attention to important matters. She charms agents/landlords and knows how to highlight your advantages as a potential tenant (’sell‘ you) while playing fair for both parties of the agreement, which I really liked. Additionally she is flexible and can adjust the strategy to ever changing situation and expectations, always trying to find accommodation that ultimately satisfies you as a customer, not something that only she thinks is best based on the situation on the market. What is also worth mentioning, Delia shares information and contacts to expat-friendly experts/services (hooking up internet, getting mobile plan, insurances etc.) which is a really nice bonus. If you are foreigner and about to move to Munich – don’t think twice and get in touch with Delia. But I would recommend her services to everybody really, not only expats. To summarize: by working with Delia you can expect smooth and customer-friendly experience and delivering results in a very competitive market.


Gerno Loots, Lead Flight Test Ingenieer

When we first decided to relocate to Munich we were overwhelmed by the daunting task of finding an apartment, particularly considering Munich’s highly competitive rental market and our limited German language skills. We got in touch with Delia while still in Australia and from the very beginning she was extremely informative and approachable. We felt comfortable discussing our housing requirements with her and asking her advice on anything Munich related. The first week we arrived in Munich, Delia had already organised four apartments for us to view, each meeting the requirements which we specified. Once we identified an apartment which we liked, Delia negotiated with the owners on our behalf and within days we had the rental contract signed.

Delia not only helped us in finding an apartment, but she was also of great assistance when dealing with all the administrative processes associated with a move to Germany. Whenever we had to deal with the German authorities, Delia was there to help through every step of the way. This made the processes of registration, applying for residence permits and converting drivers licenses less time consuming and a seamless experience.

Delia’s wealth of knowledge and approachable nature meant that our move from Australia to Munich was so much smoother than originally anticipated. Without her help we would probably still be looking for a suitable place to live! Thank you Delia for always going the extra mile and making our move to Munich so much less stressful.


Debbie & Ian Johns

„Without Delia we would not be living in the beautiful home we now have.

We built a rapport before the search and she grew to understand as we did what we actually needed and wanted .

Delia was professional and experienced and kept regular contact with us .Delia was organised and knew the areas. We were viewing property’s as soon as we arrived in Germany and found our home after viewing 5 properties.

We could not speak German and Delia understood the processing culture in Germany and eventually negotiated on a property we felt was out of our reach. We ended up with more than we believed we would have in a property. She supported us through the whole process with this new house negotiating , viewing ,signing and contact after moving in.

Delia cared that we found a home right for us, this was achieved and I would highly recommend Delia to any person looking for a property.“

Adrián Alonso Martínez – Project Manager for Lilium

After several weeks trying to find accommodation in Munich on my own with no success, I decided to use the services of Delia Arendt. She was highly professional and her knowledge of the market and the different possible areas to live was evident and valuable from the first appointment.

She offers a close and personal treatment, and her service is not limited to finding lodging but also to provide useful advice, helping the client to realize what his real need is and organizing the search in a pragmatic and efficient way, thanks to her perceptiveness and expertise. As a personal example, I was certainly indecisive, but she helped me within 1 meeting to figure out which type of house was meeting my expectations and needs.

She arranged all the viewing appointments in a surprisingly short period of time and handled all the process in a very professional way, taking good care of the communication and always in a relaxed manner, which is highly appreciated in such a stressful situation. She picked me up for every visit and instructed me with personal and behavioural advice to try to achieve the objective in each situation. After 2 weeks, she succeeded to find an apartment with an excellent value for money which I could not have found in any way if it had not been for her help. She of course helped me throughout the rental process, from the contract review, to the communication with the landlord and the execution of the hand-over and the necessary utilities contracts.
It was a real pleasure to work with Delia not only on a professional but also in a personal level. I can only recommend her services, especially if you are struggling to find an accommodation in Munich in line with your requirements.


Dr Jan & Dr Angelique Janse van Rensburg – Senior Engineers in the Munich Area

We contacted Delia before our arrival in Germany and she immediately started advising us on the intricacies of international relocation. She helped us over the course of a few months with registration, home search and permit applications. As an example and an absolute exception for Munich, she helped us find a beautiful long-term home within a single week! During each of the relocation steps, we felt represented as clients and knew that Delia had our best interests at heart. She demonstrated the exceptional ability to figure out what we wanted before we were even sure ourselves! Not only does she know the city of Munich incredibly well, she operated in the surrounding area with a high level of professionalism during our relocation. Whenever a situation seemed like it was not going to turn out well for us, Delia would not give up: she knew exactly what to do and who to call to obtain the best possible result. Even if we had been proficient in the German language, we still would not have attempted this process without her help because international relocation comes down to so much more than simply understanding the local language. It was a total pleasure working with Delia and we highly recommend her services to anyone relocating to Munich!


S. Hall
Masters of Fine Art and Journalism & F. Prato Education Manager North Europe

Munich is a much sort after city in Germany and because of this finding an apartment is very challenging. My partner and I have relocated a lot internationally so we know the challenges of moving house. I have used the services of relocation specialists in the past, but none have been as skilled as Delia Arendt.

Delia’s business acumen goes beyond assisting, she is highly professional and knowledgeable, which is balanced with perceptiveness. Perceptiveness with a relocation specialist is crucial without this important skill much time would be wasted, which ultimately can cause angst and frustration. Delia also has the ability to make one feel at ease, which again helps to alleviate the stress of house hunting.

I cannot endorse Delia enough or more highly and I most definitely recommend her business.


Andrea Mocellin, NIO

„Delia has been a great and precious help to find the right accommodation in Munich! Moving to a new country and starting a new job in itself is quite stressful. I am so glad that I could be support by Delia in visiting flats, get to know the city, finding the right apartment and solve many problems related to all the paperworks. Delia has been incredibly helpful at every stage of the process!“

Sarah and Adrian Jones

We recently used the services of Delia Arendt, to facilitate our job related move to the Munich area. From the very first appointment I knew we had a very useful person on our team! Not only a valuable source of information about the area, her experience and expertise made what could have been a very awkward transition into a pleasure. She arranged all the necessary viewing appointments for us, picked us up and looked after us at every moment. We felt like valued clients, not just customers. All our appointments were extremely useful and well thought out. Delia was thoroughly professional; good humoured and efficient. She really listened to our concerns and ideas about what we should be looking for in our budget area, but also showed us choices that we had not even considered. She had a lot of extra information about properties or areas which we would not have known, this would have been hard with my limited German. Her enthusiasm and passion for her job made what could have been a nightmare into a fun adventure!

We would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone looking for a home in Munich; the best investment you can make in what is a very important decision.

Looking forward to the future!


Regards from Sarah and Adrian Jones

Elke Miltrup-Altunok
Senior Director HR Central Europe Region and Central Sales MEU

I would like to thank Delia for her great support finding an apartment in Munich for my daughter, who studies in Munich. Since the first day Delia was very committed, reliable in her response and very professional. She supported my daughter proactively and was able to find under time pressure and with her excellent connections and market knowledge an apartment for my daughter in a very good area of Munich.

My daughter felt very comfortable and supported through the whole process.

On behalf of my family I would like to thank Delia Arendt for all her empathy, support and expertise. I can highly recommend her for all relocation needs. As an HR Professional and former Expatriate I worked with many other relocation agencies and I therefore can compare her service with others and Mrs Arendt provides an excellent support. She is going the extra mile which makes a difference.

Thank you very much again

Fernando Delgado


VP, Global Talent Acquisition – Johnson Controls

“ When coming to a new country understanding the local laws and markets are key to making a successful transition. I can truly say that thanks to Delia Arendt, my relocation experience (and my family’s) was a true success. Delia is a true professional and understands the needs and busy schedules of relocating executives. She is a great listener and consultant, she assisted my family in all aspects of our transition from finding the appropriate housing to selecting the right schools and initiating all of the necessary government documentation and paperwork Delia does it all. Delia is not only knowledgeable and hard working but is also very easy going and fun to work with, she get’s to know you as a person and not just a client and that for us made a huge difference. I would highly recommend Delia Arendt to anyone looking for the best in relocation assistance and consultancy. Having a moved a few times in my career I have had the opportunity to work with many relocation consultants. Delia Arendt, in my book is the best !

Lesley Mackenzie
EVP E-Entertainment and CEO maxdome at at ProsiebenSat.1 Media AG

Delia helped us to move from the UK to Munich with efficiency and confidence. The process was not stressful at all. Delia thought through all aspects of the move starting with compiling a list of apartments and then in a one day viewing session, guided us to select the one that turned out to be perfect. The formal documentation and administration processes were efficiently dealt with and where possible Delia actually did everything for us for example overseeing the delivery of furniture and hand over of keys. As we didn’t speak German and didn’t know Munich, so Delia went out of her way to make this clear and explain everything to us. We actually didn’t have to worry about anything we were guided through the whole process professionally.


Ira Ganis
Administratorin für Lern- und Talentmanagementsysteme Bluewater

Aufgrund einer neuen Arbeitsstelle ab Januar 2017, stand für mich ein Umzug von meinem damaligen Wohnsitz Nürnberg nach München an. Nach drei Monaten Wohnungssuche musste ich einsehen, dass mir aufgrund meiner Vollzeitbeschäftigung simpel nicht genug Zeit am Tag blieb, um schnell genug auf Wohnungsanzeigen reagieren zu können, und wenn es denn klappte, war die Konkurrenz an Wohnungssuchenden einfach zu groß.
Anfang April entschloss ich mich dazu mir Hilfe von Profis zu holen, und stieß bei meiner Suche auf Delia Arendt. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt blieben mir nur noch 4 Wochen bevor ich mit den Auszugsvorbereitungen in Nürnberg beginnen musste, und wissen musste, wie es wohnungstechnisch weitergehen sollte.
Wenn einem bei der Wohnungssuche die Zeit davonläuft, wird man extrem nervös. Ein Umzug ist eine sehr persönliche Angelegenheit. Für mich war wichtig, dass die Person die mir hilft, zum einen solide Erfahrung mit dem Wohnungsmarkt hat, und zum anderen das nötige zwischenmenschliche Feingefühl, um mich von Stress zu entlasten, und mich gegenüber den Wohnungsbesitzern und Maklern richtig zu vertreten, bzw. zu unterstützen. Frau Arendt erfüllte alle diese Anforderungen. Sie hörte genau zu und war sehr aufmerksam in Bezug auf meine Wünsche und Anforderungen.
Der Zeitplan war extrem eng, doch dank Frau Arendt hatte ich nach unglaublichen 3 Wochen nicht nur die Zusage für „irgendeine“ Wohnung, sondern für eine, die allen meinen Kriterien entsprach!
Frau Arendt ist eine sehr erfahrende Wohnungsagentin mit guten Kontakten in München. Sie besitzt ein sehr gutes psychologisches Einschätzungsvermögen, exzellente Kommunikationsfähigkeiten und Taktgefühl. Ich kann sie jedem Wohnungssuchenden wärmstens empfehlen.


Johannes Brunner
Consultant, Big-4-Beratungsgesellschaft

„Wie man bekanntlich weiß, ist in München eine adäquate Wohnung zu finden, kein leichtes Unterfangen. Nach meinem 2-jährigen Auslandsaufenthalt in den USA war ich jedoch auf Delia Arendt gestoßen, die mich bei der Relocation und insbesondere bei der Wohnungssuche maßgeblich unterstützt hatte. Delia hatte bereits nach nur 2 Tagen nach meiner Ankunft in Deutschland passgenau eine Reihe von Wohnungen für mich gefunden, die normalerweise in München nur sehr schwer zu finden sind oder gar nicht auf dem Markt sind. Während und nach den Besichtigungen hatte Sie mich äußerst kompetent beraten und die ganze Vertragsabwicklung für mich übernommen und gemanaged. Auf diesem Wege möchte ich dir, Delia, nochmal ein großes Danke sagen. Ohne deine Hilfe wäre ich vermutlich heute (noch) nicht der Mieter meiner tollen Wohnung in München.


Mr. Lodge GmbH

„Seitdem Frau Arendt ihre Relocation-Dienste in München anbietet, konnten wir an ihrer Kunden bereits über 60 schöne möblierte Wohnungen vermitteln. Die Zusammenarbeit ist immer höchst professionell und lösungsorientiert. Sie versteht was Ihre Kunden suchen und weiß worauf es bei der Wohnungssuche in München ankommt. Egal ob es das kleine Apartment für den Jung-Ingenieur ist oder die moderne 4 Zimmerwohnung im Zentrum, für die Familie vom neuen Vorstand. Frau Arendt und Ihre Kunden sind bei Mr.Lodge und unseren Vermietern stets willkommen.“